Well here we are well into the month of July. Wimbledon nearly over and not a cloud in sight. My son Stephen has completed his basic training on lock picking and what a talented lock picker he is already. He has joined the company as a junior co-owner on a part time basis alongside his day job, as a qualified telecommunications engineer, I will be coming out with him on all of his jobs to ensure he will be successful in carrying the great name of lockwiz forward. He will soon be taking delivery of his new sign written van.


The wonderful summer we are having does cause homeowners with many problems, with the extended periods of higher than average temperatures this causes upvc doors to expand or swell making them difficult to close or sometimes impossible to lock. All upvc(plastic) doors can be adjusted at the hinges by simply using an Allen key and slightly remove the tension. Do not overdo it incase when the weather returns to normal the doors will then shrink and that will also create problems with the doors not functioning correctly. If you unsure about your ability to make these adjustments Lockwiz can attend to alleviate your problems. On most plastic doors the handles need to be raised to operate the locking mechanism to allow you to turn the key for you to lock the door, you might find that in hot weather conditions the handle will not raise high enough to enable safe locking. At this stage do not use force, this will probably put extra strain on the door mechanism and cause it to fail leaving you with a hefty bill to pay. What do you do? Well this adjustment will probably need to be carried out by someone with knowledge of doors. Another problem we have is we leave doors open fully for long periods in the heat putting stress or undue weight on the hinges this can also cause misalignment of your door.


Okay you know what happens to doors in heat but do we relax our defences on basic security? We will probably spend the evening and weekend in the back garden enjoying the rays or even eat alfresco. Lock front door it will be easy pickings for an intruder, only recently I attended an incident where someone unlawfully helped themselves to a £30000 Audi. They had to have locks changed as house keys were also taken. The only good thing is they upgraded to anti snap 3* locks. Must have enjoyed an interesting chat with insurance company, although they were covered because they were actually at the property when the incident happened. When you do leave your home do not leave the windows open tempting as it may be, it’s probably best practice to keep sunlight out by simply drawing your curtains. If you have windows open at night maybe you could fit window restriction devices to allow a limited opening.


Hurrah it’s holiday season we’re going away, why not post on social media and make all of our friends jealous!! We will probably be announcing to the world that we have vacated our property and will probably become an easy target for intruders.


Enjoy this fantastic weather hope you have a great summer and refresh the body because be warned Christmas is coming.

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