The Master Locksmith Association (MLA) is considered the most respected compliance body governing locksmith practice. Using an MLA approved firms places you in an advantaged position as there is an assurance that the locksmith you engage is of the highest standard of integrity. Such a locksmith will provide quality service with extremely high standards. Here is more on what is the MAster locksmith Association (MLA).

The locksmiths undergo a strict vetting process. The procedure comprises of checking their criminal records. These experts can only be Disclosure, and Barring Service checked via Master Locksmithing Association. Also, locksmiths get a standard criminal record check after applying for an MLA membership.

Every locksmith firm undergoes inspection regularly to ensure that each member and operative have maintained administrative and workmanship standards. Members must follow legal requirements and follow the customer charter to provide satisfactory services. The inspection process makes such firms accountable for each operation they engage in daily. Therefore, approved members must understand and be aware of the MLA requirements like top quality and locksmith training to maintain workmanship standards.

MLA examination comprises four modules. One written exam and the other three are practical examination modules. The experts must pass the MLA examination, they have to fit a euro-operated mortice lock and open a British Standard lever lock. Also, they have to cut a key by hand to prove having acquired the required competencies. Locksmiths need to pass the MLA exam to become Qualified Master-Locksmith. To become a Qualified Master expert is among the essential requirements to being an MLA-approved firm.

Note that any locksmith can claim to be a professional, but not all are qualified or approved MLA. However, MLA-approved locksmiths can use the company logo on their websites, stationery, vehicles, and premises. These factors will determine professional experts from quacks. Ensure you go for experts that are members of these organizations.

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