Losing keys to your properties can be one of the most stressful situations that can ever happen to you. The first reaction when the incident occurs lands you in unprecedented panic as you search every place you think could be concealing the key. You may also admit that such a scenario may have happened to you at some point. Whether you get the key or not, the situation you experience first remains traumatic. The rest of this post outlines the Top Things to Do If You Lose Your Keys.

Ensure you do not have the keys

It remains imperative to double-check to ascertain you are not overlooking the presumably missing keys. Explore your backpacks, messenger bags, and purses as they can be huge enough to conceal your key bunch. Remember to check your pockets to ensure the key bunch is nowhere around you if you rarely keep them in your bags.

Try to Think of Where You could have placed them

Mentally retrace your moves to establish possible areas the keys could be once you ascertain they are not where you thought they could be. Try to think of the last time you used the keys and what you did the last moment you had them. In case you share a key with other people, check if they used it recently or kept it in a different location. Additionally, reflect on your daily routines that may have made you change where you keep the key.

Embark on a comprehensive search

Establish a mental picture of areas where your key may be and search to find out if they are hiding anywhere nearby. Return to all their areas and examine them thoroughly. Be systematic to avoid checking the same place several times. If time allows, tidy up the suspected areas as a key may be concealed beneath couch cushions or in a stack of mails. When searching for key in public areas such as libraries and restaurants, the management confirms if they have collected any unidentified bunch.

Utilize the Spare Key

If you are lucky enough to access the spare, it is now time to make use of it. Spares are mostly kept in easily accessible areas with family members or given to roommates. Call someone and explain your circumstances to get help in case you cannot access the spare from your location.

Call a Locksmith

A point reaches when you feel like entering your car or house, by all means, drastic means possible. However, if there is no emergency, save yourself the cleanup and money by contacting a reliable locksmith. Locksmiths are your best bet even when you find a key, but you cannot access it, especially when locked in your automobile and do not have a spare. Experienced locksmiths can assist you in unlocking your car or home easily without damaging your properties.

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