Every one of us had read somewhere, stay home and stay safe during this COVID 19 period. While life has to go on, many things have gone wrong. Schools closed, businesses closing and even the government asking employees in various sectors to work from home. While this will help reduce infections, safety issues come. Some people will take advantage of the situation to break the law. In this article, we discuss the security advice during lockdown in the UK and how to live everyday life.

With the lockdown, everyone is affected in one way or another. It has brought challenges in every area of life, at home and at work. For those whose are shaken, this is the time to beef up and stay safe. Having guards at home, in the office and police patrols along the streets remain the best thing to have as of now.

There are people considered as high profile, while some are not. Though the level of protection differs, every group must be alert to stop attacks and other threats. Getting some additional measures to keep your business and home straight during the pandemic must be a high priority. There is no shame in trying to beef up areas you think are vulnerable.

Many people are at home working or relaxing. The fact that you are at the residence does not mean staying safe. To ensure everything is straight, install CCTV cameras to monitor the situation around. Criminals can still strike when inside the office or at the house. The monitoring system and alarms prevent criminals and the risks they pose.

While locked up, many individuals think they are safe. However, even those who are not going out tend to forget some basic measures. For example, you need to lock every entry point when it is not in use. Do not forget to turn on the lock when going to sleep as you have done when out. Criminals will have a hard moment trying to break doors.

If you keep exposing your place of work and hose toe external elements, criminals will know when to strike. In this challenging period, everyone in the United Kingdom must keep things private. Avoid exposing everything you are doing on social media. Being idle does not mean posting every single minute of your life on social spaces. Being private will make it hard for criminals.

When out of the office, make sure every electronic component such as computers and other machines are put off. When switched off, the chances of exploding reduces. At home, ensure the computers and any other portable device stays locked under the key to prevent outside eyes that get tempted to steal.

Security starts with an individual. If you want to stay safe, have some input and enforce some procedures strictly. Things like checking your surrounding for unusual items and adding an extra padlock might save your day. Lock windows and doors in an unused room. Any individual who remains sharp increases the chance of coming out safe during this lockdown.

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