Most of us do not consider that any other person other than us or our immediate family have authorised access to keys for our home. In this blog article, I will definitely give you reasons to doubt the opening statement! We generally trust that that when given the set of keys handed over for our new home, that all keys have been forfeited. This may not be the case, often children, grandparents, grandchildren, relatives, friends or neighbours may at some time have been issued with a spare key “just in case “. These can all be used inappropriately to gain entry into your new home at any given time. As a general rule most locks when purchased come with a set of three keys. So obviously if you take people’s face value beware if you only receive less than three keys.


We are all very busy in general so whenever we have a tradesman in we may be tempted to give them a key. While this may be very convenient it carries an element of risk. I must stress that nearly all people are one hundred percent trustworthy and okay to be left alone who can really be sure. A footnote to that it must be noted that keys can be easily duplicated and passed on to a third party. When working on your home a dubious tradesman will have free movement and access to the whole of your property and build up a picture in his mind to the value of the items contained in it. I would recommend for someone to always be in attendance when having work carried out, if that is no feasible maybe entrust a friend or neighbour to let them in and periodically check on them, this will also be reassuring to the tradesman.


In cases of partnership breakups, divorce etc many partners may still have a key and still have the opportunity to gain access or again pass over a copy to someone without your consent to retrieve something that they believe to their property. If someone enters your home using a key your home insurance will almost certainly be void resulting in a refusal to payout. They would claim that you did not take due care in the protection of your property.


So what can we do to limit the risk of an unwanted visitor to our new home? The first line of defence is to use a reputable locksmith to change any lock which would give access to your home including porch doors and even shed and doors on outbuildings. Whenever you have a new lock fitted always insist on British standard locks being supplied.


Many homes have vacant possession which will probably mean that an agent will have a set of keys to let prospective buyers have a viewing. Again normally very safe but how many people have been able to access or have duplicate keys cut.


So we move into a brand new house and are proudly handed over a bunch of shiny new keys, we are now the owners of a brand new home, the first the only we must be safe. Wrong this is probably the most vulnerable you’ve ever been. How many people have been involved building your new property? Should all be trustworthy but how can you be sure? My advice would to never assume and take the simple precautions to have the locks changed then and only then are you certain to be in charge. In my experience, many new housing estates are targeted by burglars once people start to move in. This is probably because thieves realise that new home means new luxury items being purchased.


So now we have an unwanted visitor in our home! What are they looking for? The old style of burglary where they are stealing household goods plus cash and jewellery are still with us. With the cost of pets being on the increase they are now being targeted. People assume the dog will be a deterrent, I have been surprised that the number of burglary cases I have attended where the dog has been placated. Cars with the modern electronics are becoming more difficult to steal so this has increased the potential possibility of car thieves breaking into properties to obtain car keys. When the car is in for service take the simple precaution to remove any house key from the key ring.


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