I’m Tim from Lockwiz Cannock I trade as a locksmith and have been a business owner for sixteen years. I have been quite happy as a locksmith in Cannock and the surrounding areas. I have lived in Cannock most of my life having been born in Hednesford which is part of Cannock.


Over recent years I have become very aware of mental health issues being a sufferer of anxiety and depression. I found that my best way of coping is to talk to people and friends about myself and often making jokes about myself, this helped me cope really well and I started to be comfortable about my condition. I soon started to realise that I was completely normal because as well as telling people about myself, apart from the few who judge my by saying what caused it or pull yourself together, that people were talking back and sharing their feelings and insecurities. I find this very reassuring to realise that I’m not alone we are very much in the majority, that’s the light bulb moment or eureka! Suddenly life is easier. People need to step back and take a long look in the mirror and look at the fantastic person looking back at you and start to like yourself a bit more and repeat this process every day, this may however confirm to people looking on that yes you are loopy after all.


I started this post mentioning that I live in Cannock now most of us talk about where we live as a dump! How wrong are we? Well if it’s that bad we could move. We have Cannock Chase on our doorstep just go for a drive, your vehicle go for a good walk and look out for the wildlife, you will probably see the odd deer or even a herd of deer. Look a the stunning scenery, we drool over the New Forest but this is just as good. So it’s not a dump after all.


What is the best aid for mental health issues? In my understanding it would be to convince yourself that you are one hundred per cent as normal as the person next to you. Try to get out and enjoy life, socialise if you can, park yourself on a bench in Cannock and do a bit of people watching, you will soon see that you are not on your own with issues.


Working as a locksmith I visit people from all classes in society and realise that we are all the same and all have problems understanding the workings of that organ called “the brain “.


Don’t hide your emotions talking to friends and family it gets easier as you open up, some wil make judgements but I guarantee they are hiding behind their own problems. Don’t post your problem on social media because followers and fake friends will always think you are attention seeking and will take the wee wee behind your back.


Most people reading this post will think I’m Tim a locksmith from Cannock who appears to be full of life without a care in the world, you all know me a little better now!


Thanks very much for taking time out to read this post you are all back in the room and can wake up again.


World mental health day 10th October

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