Lock the car doors and Close Windows

The first line of defence in preventing car break-ins begins with double-checking the windows are closed and doors locked before leaving. This approach may seem obvious, but the lack of confirmation can make you leave the vehicle unlocked. Open windows invite thefts and unauthorized access to your vehicle every time you leave it. Never assume at any moment that your car is safe, even if you are out for a quick rush to the convenience shop at the gas station. The rest of this post focuses on giving you the right tips on How to prevent car break ins.

Install Anti-theft Devices

Invest in the modern anti-theft technology to take your vehicle theft prevention a notch higher. Installing a car alarm remains the first line of the burglary prevention approach. Still, there are several other measures you can take to shield your car from all sorts of thefts. Steering wheel lock and glass breakage detectors come as the best technology to save your car and valuable any time you are away. Other automobile security systems include car disabling locks and preventive steering columns that can save you from incidences of theft.

Park areas with enough light and a huge population

There are high chances of a break-in when you park your cars in dark and lonely streets with no people around to notice. It is thus imperative to use parking lots in populated areas with lots of cars and people. Also, parking in areas with sufficient light is an idea you can never overlook when considering vehicle safety. Carjackers and buglers thrive in darkness when no one is around to watch or help in mitigating the risk.

Hide your valuables

The vehicle burglars will not know the actual value of the items in your vehicle until they break into the car. They will try to access any visible item you leave in the vehicle. It is essential to disguise or completely hide anything that you have in the vehicle. The best thing is to keep all the items in the trunk to ensure any intruder does not see them.

Tint the Windows

Vehicle break-in mainly occurs after nosy intruders spot something they like through the windows and windshield. Such a fact makes it essential to install window tints to prohibit intrusion by the onlookers. Adding a tint film will make it hard for anyone to see via the windows and keep off any potential car burglars.

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