Bonfire nights and Halloweens are typically the worst times of the year for burglaries, with escalating domestic damages. With most thefts taking less than ten minutes, do you think there are ways homeowners and businesses stop burglaries on these nights? Well, it is important to take simple security measures and remain vigilant to reduce burglaries during bonfire nights. In this article, we provide essential steps on how to prevent a burglary on bonfire night.

Keep Your Windows Locked

To stop burglars, ensure all windows are locked on the first floor. Having decent locks on your doors and windows can help curb burglary during a bonfire night. How you keep your keeps also determines the security of your properties. Make sure that no keys are left outdoors because burglars may access them. Put a bolt on your gates and ensure that no one can access it from over the gate.

Most burglars are more organized and sophisticated. They can penetrate any corner of your rooms to get what they want. If you have valuable jewelry or money, keeping them in a deposit box is better than at home. Keeping valuable properties away from home can help prevent burglary on the bonfire or Halloween night.

Keep a Clear View

Do not cover your doors or windows with decorations until you cannot see your outdoor space. A homeowner will want to see who is in the compound before opening a door. Just because your door rings on 31st September does not mean there are innocent souls waiting outside. Be sure who you are opening the door for by taking a view of your outdoor space.

Make it Look Like There is Someone

If you are to attend an event on bonfire night, create an environment that no one will suspect you are not at home. Switching on lights indoors and outdoors can help secure your properties. Lock all windows and doors before leaving, and pull curtains to cover visible areas. Be sure to carry your car keys if you are not using it, and keep burglars from your home on bonfire nights.

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