I would love to start with wishing all of you living in Cannock, Rugeley and all areas that we service a very happy and safe Christmas and a great year in 2019, but a grave warning must be given. It is the time of the year that we are all getting prepared for the festivities of celebration of the birthday of Christ. We are going spend thousands of our hard earned pounds shopping for presents for children and our loved ones. We have to accept that on the other side of the law burglars and criminals will also be celebrating Christmas. They will be shopping at a home like yours. They will probably have a shopping list like yours.

1) a nice new car. Audi maybe a BMW how about a Range Rover?

2) a new bike.

3) a new television.

4) a new phone.

5) a new iPad.

6) a new laptop.

7) cash to buy booze.

the list goes goes on so be warned!

What can we do to stay safe?

The obvious is to keep our products and property safe and secure by ensuring all doors and windows are working correctly and firmly secure at all time. Are your locks conforming to British standards to give you the best chance of prevention of illegal entry? If unsure call lockwiz for a free security survey.

Keep presents out of sight from a window and do not put under the tree until the last minute.

Keep car keys out of reach from your front door, but I would suggest, only my opinion, not to hide them completely otherwise they will ask you for them! Politely! That’s why we have insurance.

Bikes and expensive goods maybe pick them up as close to the day as possible.

Buy and fit a small safe which can be put in a cupboard or wardrobe that will be a great place to store jewellery and cash.

If you have an alarm do you always arm it?

Fit a high resolution cctv security camera system.

At night intruders hate security lights and floodlights.

On the outside of the house make secure all outbuildings and sheds firmly locked and all tools put away. This includes ladders or anything that would aid access too an open upstairs window.

Thanks for reading have a great and peaceful secure festive season but remember to be vigilant all year round.

Happy Christmas to you and your families from all at Lockwiz your multiple national award winning locksmiths.

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