Although the UK is in lockdown, unfortunately it does not stop lock mechanisms and locks failing due to wear and tear, people being locked out of their premises or needing to change locks due to security issues.


Locksmiths are emergency service providers and as such need to be able to continue to work, to help customers with their security issues, whilst keeping themselves and their customers safe following Government guidelines on social distancing.


I carry with me on all my jobs sanitising spray to use before I touch the existing lock,door handle or mechanism (as these could be touched by multiple people entering the property). Following my repair I then sanitise the replacement parts, making sure I then sanitise my hands, pending a thorough wash with soap and water.


I try to make as many of my payments as possible using contactless methods, customers can use online banking or I have a card machine which I sanitise after every transaction. I try to avoid cash payments as money could harbour the virus and is not easy to effectively sanitise.


I am aware that elderly people who have been advised to self isolate are worried about being exposed to the virus, but repairs can be undertaken with very little contact and their security of the property is a very important issue also.


Unfortunately the virus does not deter the criminals who use Covid 19 to introduce scams to extort money from vulnerable customers, likewise the gangs who look to take expensive cars from your driveway are not deterred by the fact you are in residence. Many break-ins are done overnight to steal the keys to drive away your vehicles and if you do not have anti-snap locks fitted to your property, this makes it easier for them. If you are worried about security at your home we can still do an assessment whilst adhering to the Government guidelines and replacing locks if necessary for your peace of mind.


Now more than ever we all need to keep safe, protect the NHS and save lives. I hope I am doing my bit to help vulnerable customers by working to government guidelines and taking the worry out of stressful times by being able to repair and replace faulty locks to keep people secure in their homes.

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