Britain’s got talent, what’s that got to do with home security?


This season BGT are highlighting many acts with various levels of magic, or maybe acts showing tricks of deception or slight of hand. We all sit comfortably in our home wondering in amazement how they did it.


We watch programs like watchdog and rip off Britain and see people being scammed for thousands of pounds and think that could never happen to me, but it happens every day of the year. Yes even in the small towns like Rugeley and Cannock.


You trust your bank and correctly so and they phone you to talk about your account and you passed on private information, you log on and wonder why your account has been cleared of your hard earned money! Banks don’t call, they write. Scammers rely on victims greedy nature by offering get rich schemes so they get into your brain, recalibrate it , get your cogs moving and con you into giving bank details, oops I’ve been done. I keep getting a prerecorded call from British Telecom saying that my landline will be cut off later that day unless I select option one. A couple of months later I’m getting the same message. I’m thinking how lucky I am for still being connected, how can that be? I know! It’s because I have my landline with SKY! Watch out on your emails pretending to represent the dvla, tv licensing, department of work and pensions. These companies don’t even have your email address, they always use the trustworthy Royal Mail. Always be on your guard with email fraud.


People ring your doorbell and you open it they tell you that they are in the area today only and will offer you a special price for today only. If you woke up today not thinking you would need that service it’s obvious that you don’t need it today. So you have a roof that needs repair, thanks for pointing that out to me but not today thanks very much for your concern. If it is an issue you can investigate at your leisure and use a reliable trustworthy company which will give a guarantee for work carried out. Some companies are offering smart doorbell systems which allows you to remotely check who’s at your door with some of them actually allowing you to have a discussion with your visitor.


What’s this got to do with BGT? Well as I mentioned previously the magicians appeared to make things disappear, conmen make things disappear properly with no return.


We should take our security seriously making sure that we secure our property with good quality British standard locks, use cctv to record activity, maybe install a monitored alarm system. Most importantly fit an alarm to our brain! Our best asset is that underused organ between our ears.

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