My name is Tim Rowley, I was born in Hednesford on the 27th of February 1958 to Pat and Derek. I was the fourth child of five. I attended st Joseph’s junior school and progressed to Cardinal Griffin R.C school in Cannock where though an average academic I was above average as a sportsman . I left school at sixteen and entered an apprenticeship with Schrader pneumatics in Bridgetown Cannock. I did four years day release at Cannock college where I passed all exams with credit or distinctions and completed my apprenticeship in mechanical engineering. In 1980 I moved to Young Barber in Brownhills where I spent twenty three very successful years. I was initially employed as a toolmaker and was soon promoted to supervisor. I was then given the opportunity to set up and run a department in production of a product that would make the company a leading supplier to AP Lockheed manufacturer of brake parts to the motor industry. During this successful period I was given the title of “manager of special products”. In this new role I would work directly for the technical director and develop new products to lead the company in a new direction, and for the foreseeable future we were to make record profits year on year. I was promoted to manufacturing manager answering to the managing director in 2001. Things were going really well until July 2003 when to everyone’s surprise the receivers were called in because our parent company had ceased trading. That was the end of an era. I walked away with £9000 after twentythree years of service mainly in a senior management position. If only working for the NCB or GPO !

Now what do I do? Time for a complete change but what. Now I have always been quite handy and trained myself to do Wall and Floor tiling. Bit diverse for a mechanical engineer! I didn’t look for gainful employment instead I decided to go down the line of self employment. In goes an advert in the local newspaper and of I go onto my first paid job which was so successful I had a recommendation from the family to tile a relatives bathroom. I soon became very successful and was sought after by many companies to join them but I resisted. I had a very good eye for perfection and ended up completing some very interesting projects. I carried on tiling until 2011 where the competition became more and more difficult because of the credit crunch. Most building sites had virtually ground to a standstill and most tradesmen were laid off and so there was a glut of expert tilers flooding the private sector. With so much competition and homeowners hanging on to their money it was time for another change of career.

Why I don’t know, but at a great cost financially and to my sanity I purchased a very expensive locksmith franchise! Why? Why?Why? After twelve months of broken promises and close to bankruptcy I paid all my bills but did not draw a penny in wages time to terminate my franchise agreement.

I was not going to give up and so Lockwiz was born with new livery on my van I set about building a very successful business. I base the business on first class customer satisfaction and can say I’ve not ever had an official complaint.

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