Burglars can easily gain access to your home through patio doors. That is why having the right security measures in place is important. Here are 5 tips to keep patio doors secure.

1. Install A Monitored Alarm System

This is an excellent security system, especially for glass doors. Not only does it protect the back entrance, but the front entrance and windows as well. Knowing that you have an alarm system in place is enough to deter most burglars. The alarm works by monitoring open and close motions. In case of any signs of forced entry, the alarm will go off. You can use this in addition to other options as well.

2. Apply A Window Film

One way burglars can gain access into your home is by smashing the glass at the entrance. To minimize chances of burglars being able to access your home by doing this, apply a window film. This will help to hold the shattered pieces in place even when the glass has been broken.

3. Upgrade The Latches

The security of your entrance depends on the locks. Upgrade your latches to high quality ones. Even though this might be an expensive option, it will greatly help to increase the security of your home. Therefore, do not just rely on the default locks that come with the entrance.

4. Hang Curtains

Even though hanging curtains does not provide a physical barrier for someone who may be trying to get into the house, it helps to prevent thieves from looking into your house. If they are not able to see anything valuable, then there are fewer chances that they may want to break and enter into your house.

5. Use Blocking Bars

A blocking bar is something that you set on the bottom track of the door to prevent someone from opening the door. They are available in different materials, such as metal and wood. This is a cheap option that will get the job done well. Even if a burglar is able to break the glass, they will not be able to open the entrance. Just ensure that the bar is long enough to enable only minimal opening, so that someone is not able to squeeze in through the space.


Most simple solutions, such as installing blocking bars, curtains and shatterproof glass, while they may not be foolproof will help to eliminate most security concerns that you may have. Consider combining several of these options to increase your security.

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