Secured by design scheme in the United Kingdom is a government initiative to regulate all the smart consumer devices used for security purposes and meet the minimum requirements of offering protection. Cyber security concerns the UK government; therefore, they want to ensure that all the digital technologies used for security purposes are safer for consumers. Here is more on what is the secured by design scheme in the UK.

Many operations are done on online platforms, and citizens have placed so much of their personal information in online devices and services. This information may be under threat, and they are now crucial as the physical security of these individuals’ homes. So many people are increasingly using the internet to connect their devices to work, socialize and live a good life.

These devices must be trustworthy and secure for use, from watches, baby monitors, speakers, and more. Therefore, the government advocated for the creator of these devices to add more security features when fitting internet connections to them from the beginning of the product assembling. These products should be protected by the scheme.

Through the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS), in consultation with all the concerned players in this industry, the government has carried research and come up with a regulatory proposal in matters concerning consumer internet security operation to lay the necessary guidelines to be followed. Before anyone designs a gadget that uses IoT safe and secure for consumers, they need to understand and follow the entire guidelines of implementing their gadget safety to protect their clients from cyber security threats.

Consumers on their part also must be on the lookout. And avoid buying devices that the accredited testing body requirement has not passed. Also, they need to report the products that are not safe to the police and other relevant authorities in charge of cyber security threats.

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