Burglars and thieves tend to target garden sheds. This is because they know that these buildings are often not well secured. What’s more, the buildings are usually separated from the rest of the house, so thieves can gain easy access to them without being noticed. Most of these buildings tend to have a lot of valuable equipment. The good news is that there is a lot you can do to increase the security of the building. Here is how to keep your garden shed secure.

Choose a Location Carefully

The location of the building matters. If the building is out of sight from passersby, then thieves are not likely to target it, since they will not know of its existence. However, you should also be careful to ensure that you can easily see the shed from your house, so as to keep an eye on it in case someone tries to break into it.

Do Not Leave Valuables Out In Plain Sight

In addition, keep valuables out of sight. Do not leave valuables hanging around the building, as it will give the impression that there are lots of valuable stuff in the building, which can tempt people to try and break into it. Organize the building well with hooks and shelves to make it easy to put things away, especially at night.

Lock It Up

Ensure that you can lock up the building. This involves having a good quality lock that cannot be easily broken. Also, ensure that you can lock up all the doors and windows in the building. If there are any access gates next to the building, keep them closed at any time, so that someone cannot slip in through the gate unseen and access the building. Also, maintain any fences and perimeter walls around the area well, so that someone is not able to scale them and get into the building.

Install an alarm

Consider installing an alarm on the property. This will scare the thieves away when the alarm goes off. You can have a motion sensor put into place and a siren sound. This will add another layer of protection to the expensive equipment that you store in the building.

Lock Large Items Together

Consider locking up large items together. For instance, you can lock up your bicycles together with your lawn mower and leaf blower. This will make it hard for someone to carry them away, even if they manage to break into the building.

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