Well that’s a random question. The streets of both towns are well monitored by cctv which is very reassuring especially at night. Well what about crime levels? For exact crime figures we can visit the Staffordshire police website. The figures are not specific enough for my liking , for instance in the crime of burglary they never specify to whether they are domestic or commercial property violations. Whether it’s a petty burglary or to steal a motor vehicle. I’ve lived in the Cannock area all of my life and have comfort of not hearing much about burglaries. However I attend the aftermath of at least one burglary on average every ten days in the Cannock, Rugeley and surrounding areas. Most recent statistics although only showing a modest increase, indicate that criminal activity is moving away from the opportunist burglar hoping to make a quick buck by selling their illegal ill gotten gain and moving to a much more sophisticated target area, namely stealing motor vehicles to order. Some thieves are no longer satisfying their trade by stealing jewels, watches etc to sell at a fraction of the price of value and hone in the the value of the vehicles on your drive. We still suffer from the opportunity theif who will just take their chances by trying an open door to steal the things lying around.Most burglars will enter the property with the sole intention of obtaining car keys, they can then take your keys and simply drive your prized and probably your most expensive outlay away. Your car will probably be stripped for parts which can’t be easily traced.


So what can we do? If you park on the road , especially in Rugeley where many homes don’t have off street parking, perhaps you don’t park directly outside your house maybe that will confuse. As in a previous blog I’ve written I have advised on fitting high security locks like British Standard anti snap locks, five lever mortise locks. Consider fitting a vehicle tracker which you can monitor on a pc, tablet or mobile phone.


There are many new housing developments popping up in the Cannock and Rugeley areas are they all fitted with higher quality and security than in previous years? In some cases yes but in most cases no. We will always do a home visit free of charge and no obligation to give peace of mind. Most of my burglary call outs are from recent or new developments. Criminals are quite canny, once they have gained entrance to a property they know they can intrude into the rest of the estate as they have similar layouts and most likely the same locks.


A lot of us now lease rather than just buying our car this allows us normally to obtain a much higher specification than we previously afforded, maybe a premium vehicle such as a Mercedes,BMW’s,Audi or a Rangerover these are very attractive to thieves. Do you have enough insurance cover to satisfy the leasing company if you suffer such a loss?


Whether you have a house full of rich pickings or not no-one wants to be confronted by a thief in their own house or have their happy home turned upside down.


So if you live in Cannock, Rugeley, Lichfield, Stafford, Brownhills, Walsall or anywhere in Staffordshire or the Westmidlands call a father a son team of locksmiths. 100% integrity is always given and we don’t charge vat.

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